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Product Line

Estilo Palitos presents a mix of great wooden products to the business sector, which is commercially divided in three categories:

PARTY line: it offers roll-shaped sticks, wooden forks, barbecue skewers, handle rod, clothespins, matches, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, plastic paddles and menthol toothpicks. In this line, consumers can rely on products that will meet daily needs with the best quality offered in the market.






ICE CREAM line: it corresponds to popsicle sticks, common and special paddles, either giant or traditional sizes. They are produced and packaged according to the needs of each client, the main characteristic of the ice cream line is to develop toothpicks that meet market demand with specific quality of each request. Several customized sticks and paddles are currently manufactured, with recorded logos and/or sentences. ESTILO provides wooden sticks and paddles to Kibon and Nestle brands.



HOSPITAL line: we develop products that take care of the population’s health serving a very specific audience who demands the best quality standard. That's why Estilo works to produce tongue depressors and Ayre’s spatulas.


Product Line

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