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Our History

Parasul S.A. company was founded on June 1, 1972 by Pieri family and it operates in the lumber business in stick manufacturing; later, it became the creator and maintainer of the Estilo brand. In 2001, the stick company Estilo was acquired by an Irish multinational group, the Kerry Group, which strongly operates in the food sector. This Irish group develops various segments where Estilo is part of Kerry América do Sul thus changing its corporate name to Kerry do Brasil Ltda, but keeping Estilo brand.

Considering that Kerry América do Sul belongs tothe food industry, its directors decided to sell the stick industry because the lumber business did not fit into the multinational group focus. In June 2005, Estilo stick industry was acquired Gaboardi group based in Santa Catarina.

Gaboardi Group takes the surname of its founder Ulysses Gaboardi, being a family group known in the wooden product business.

Currently the company is called Estilo Artefatos de Madeira Ltda, with its production plant located in Guarapuava in Paraná and its administrative sector in São Cristóvão do Sul in the state of Santa Catarina, together with Gaboardi Group.

Founded in June 1972

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